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Manuel's Tavern


Address: 602 N. Highland Ave.
Manuel's Tavern (Atlanta)
GA, 30307


pad The New York Times Magazine (October 7, 1984) has called it "Atlanta's quintessential neighborhood bar"; In 1985, it was chosen "Best Bar in Atlanta" by Atlanta Magazine. And it might be easier to say what Manuel's Tavern isn't, rather than what it is. Manuel's isn't a "brass and fern" bar. Neither is it a place of anonymous bartenders and nameless, faceless customers. One can find, at any given time, a broad cross-section of American culture and work ethic rubbing elbows at the bar, discussing the topic of the day, arguing the merits of a sports team, espousing the idea of the century. Here a doctor, a plumber, a lawyer, an electrician, a student, a journalist, a salesman, a politician, a construction worker can feel comfortable-they are accepted for who they are, known by their name or what they drink, and will be asked about their families if they cared to divulge some intimate detail of their lives during their last visit. They are "regulars." The life-blood of the Tavern is the people. The owners, the employees, the customers-all are characters in their own right. The Tavern has an essence that is like no other place in Atlanta.

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